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Unlock the potential of unused network resources with Lanify. Accumulate LAN by sharing your excess bandwidth, turning untapped digital capacity into tangible rewards.

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Artificial Intelligence

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Acces Lanify app seamlessly on laptops and PCs with our browser extension, or on the go with our easy to use mobile app.

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DePIN, short for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks, revolves around leveraging blockchain technology and crypto economics within infrastructure endeavors. Its primary aim is to incentivize individuals to allocate their capital or resources towards the development of a transparent and decentralized network.


With the burgeoning significance of computation in today's digital landscape, coupled with the proliferation of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), there has been a consistent uptick in the need for computing resources. This escalating demand is further fueled by the rapid advancements in AI development, which has spurred significant requirements for cloud computing and internet firms. As AI continues to evolve and permeate various sectors, the reliance on robust computational infrastructure becomes increasingly indispensable, driving a continuous surge in demand for computing resources across diverse industries.

Lanify serves as a DePIN for AI advancement.

In today's world, nearly everyone has an internet connection with a monthly bandwidth allocation, yet many rarely utilize their full capacity. Lanify functions as a network aimed at enabling the sale of surplus bandwidth to individuals and AI labs for training AI models. It seamlessly integrates a suite of applications that automate this process in the background of your device, whether it's a smartphone or computer. The result? Passive income generated by monetizing an often-overlooked resource—unused bandwidth. By selling internet bandwidth on Lanify, you're actively contributing to the advancement of artificial intelligence.

Personal data protection.

Lanify functions as a specialized network exclusively devoted to the exchange of bandwidth resources. It furnishes a secure platform, allowing individuals to effortlessly trade bandwidth without jeopardizing their data or privacy. One of Lanify's key assurances lies in the stringent separation between bandwidth transactions and user data. Buyers cannot access or view any personal information or activities associated with sellers, thus preserving the privacy of all parties involved. This dedication to security and privacy extends across the entire transaction process, ensuring users can participate in bandwidth exchange with complete confidence.


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Upcoming products

Web3 Browser

Shaping the future of online browsing and passive income opportunities. While our initial offering begins with a browser extension, we're laying the foundation for something much bigger. Our ultimate goal is to develop a comprehensive Web3 browser that not only allows you to sell unused internet bandwidth through the app but also integrates advanced features like AdBlock, VPN, Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet, and many more.


Lanify's Web3 AI Data Extractor (W3AIDE) is poised to transform the landscape of information access within the Web3 ecosystem. By indexing a multitude of premium Web3 sources, we convert vast amounts of unstructured data into actionable insights, enabling more informed decision-making processes. Our platform will effectively separates valuable signals from noise, minimizing the time spent on manual research. With W3AIDE, users can circumvent blind spots, gain a deeper understanding of market trends, and leverage AI to their advantage.

Lanify Web3 AI Data
Extractor (W3AIDE)

Choose Decentralization,
Choose AI, Choose Lanify

By using Lanify, you not only enhance your browsing experience but elevate it to the next level. Lanify, the Web3 browser, addresses privacy concerns with its built-in dVPN, firewall, and Tor end-to-end encryption—all at no extra cost. Our browser features superior AdBlock, effectively blocking trackers and ads on every page you browse without compromising user experience or browsing speed. Plus, you can earn rewards for both browsing and selling your unused internet bandwidth.

With Lanify's Web3 AI Data Extractor, you gain access to a powerful tool that allows you to target and search within the Web3 ecosystem exclusively. Our AI technology provides valuable insights that are unmatched by any other browser or search engine. With Lanify, you're not just browsing the web; you're experiencing it in a whole new way.

Phase 1

Launch and Community Building

Start Lanify, establish website and documentation

Build and expand community

Open Lanify app registration

Launch Lanify Beta browser extension

Deploy $LAN token on Ethereum and launch on Uniswap

Multichain expansion and developing bridge solutions

Integrate the referral program

Phase 2

Network Expansion and Governance

Build Lanify Holo X1

Lanify browser extension listing on Chrome Web Store

Develop and launch the Lanify phone APK app

Lanify app availability on Google Play and App Store

Launch browser extension V1.0

Implement governance for community decision-making

CEX listing

Documentation update

Whitepaper V1.0

Website revamp

Phase 3

Ecosystem Integration

Develop and launch a multichain wallet

Develop and launch a decentralized marketplace for residential proxies powered by peer-to-peer bandwidth sharing

Release Lanify Web3 browser beta

Integrate the new monetization features within the browser

Phase 4

Data Tools

Launch Web3 AI Data Extractor (W3AIDE) beta

Lanify Web3 browser V1.0 release

Lanify Web3 Ultra browser beta release

Whitepaper V2.0

CEX listing


What does Lanify do exactly, and how safe is it?

Lanify enables you to earn passive income by selling your surplus bandwidth securely and privately. Verified companies can utilize your idle bandwidth without accessing your personal data. With stringent vetting and monitoring, Lanify ensures no misuse or illegal activity. Plus, it only utilizes a maximum of 0.25% of your bandwidth at any given time, operating discreetly without impacting your internet speed when your bandwidth is fully utilized.

How will I receive my rewards?

Your rewards from Lanify are seamlessly credited to your account and can be withdrawn weekly to any wallet address on the Ethereum network.

What is the correlation between Lanify and AI?

Lanify assists AI labs and individuals in training models by providing access to vast amounts of web data from the public web. It offers two main avenues for this: First, it allows labs to scrape the internet directly for data needed to train AI models. Second, Lanify can furnish labs with curated datasets sourced through its network of nodes, specifically designed for web scraping.

How can I earn more rewards?

Increasing your rewards is made possible through our Referral Program, which is scheduled for release soon.